ML4HMT-12 Workshop Update: Shared Task data now available from the call for papers page.

Workshop Purpose and Theme

The "Second Workshop on Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Optimise the Division of Labour in Hybrid MT (ML4HMT-12)” is an effort to trigger a systematic investigation on improving state-of-the-art hybrid machine translation, making use of advanced machine-learning (ML) methodologies.

It follows the ML4HMT-11 workshop, which took place in November 2011 in Barcelona. The first workshop also road-tested a shared task (and associated data set) and laid the basis for a broader reach in 2012.

ML4HMT-12 involves regular papers on hybrid MT as well as a Shared Task. More information is available in the call for papers.

Regular Papers ML4HMT-12

We are soliciting original papers on hybrid MT, including (but not limited to):

  • use of machine learning methods in hybrid MT;
  • system combination: parallel in multi-engine MT (MEMT) or sequential in statistical post-editing (SPMT);
  • combining phrases and translation units from different types of MT;
  • syntactic pre-/re-ordering;
  • using richer linguistic information in phrase-based or in hierarchical SMT;
  • learning resources (e.g., transfer rules, transduction grammars) for probabilistic rule-based MT.

Full papers should be anonymous and follow the COLING full paper format.

Shared Task ML4HMT-12

Participants are invited to build hybrid machine translation systems and/or system combinations by using the output of several MT systems of different types, as provided by the organisers (updated ML4HMT corpus).

Important Dates 2012

  • August 15th Shared Task training data release
  • August 23rd Shared Task test data release
  • September 15th Shared Task translation results submission deadline
  • September 21st Shared Task evaluation results release
  • September 30th Workshop full paper and Shared Task system description paper submission deadline
  • October 31st Workshop paper accept/reject notification
  • November 15th Workshop and Shared Task camera ready paper due
  • December 8th/9th COLING 2012 Pre-conference workshops


The ML4HMT workshop is supported by META-NET.

ML4HMT-11 Workshop

The precursor workshop ML4HMT-11 was held on November 19th, 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. The original call for papers is available here, the workshop program—including papers and presentations—can be found here.

About META Work Package 2

An overview on T4ME WP2 »Optimising the Division of Labour in Hybrid MT«, funded by DG INFSO through the Seventh Framework Programme, grant agreement no.: 249119, is available here.