Instructions for Research Applicants

A research degree for Ph.D. in the School of Computing is usually about 3 yrs (though for some, four year scholarships are offered). School scholarships have been offered in the past and candidates should note that these are highly competitive. No School Scholarships are on offer at the moment. 

Other funding is obtained by individual staff 
members through some of the academic competitive schemes at national and international level. Information on these schemes and also on postgraduate scholarship schemes are available from the respective Web sites of the awarding bodies. See for example
All of these offer "project funding" to university staff (and/or potential postgraduate students), part of which covers postgraduate stipends and, in some cases, fees. Students should contact potential supervisors in their area of interest to ascertain if grant monies are available.
In some cases, EU fees only are awarded and a non-EU student would be expected to find the balance. Discussion with a potential supervisor by mail, would normally be followed by a formal application from the student, if feedback is positive. Information on the areas of research interest for staff in Computing can be found on

In some cases, and with agreement from the supervisor, the School will make an offer to a student who intends pursuing part-time research while in employment, so self-funding may be an option. 
Also, in cases where students have access to international scholarship programmes from their own country or global region, we encourage them to explore this route. We often find that evidence of interest from this School, assuming academic credentials and suitable supervision are agreed, is useful in such applications.

Application forms to do postgraduate research at DCU are available from the DCU Web site under the Office for the Vice President of Research.  Completed applications should be sent to the postgraduate desk in The Registry. These PGR1 forms are available at the Registry web site: