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Project ideas

Project ideas

Project ideas for 3rd year, 4th year or Masters (depending on how ambitious the project ends up).

Ancient Brain

Right now, I am focused on projects for Ancient Brain, my site for coding JavaScript "Worlds" in the browser. There is a lot of scope for projects with this site.

To get familiar with the site, go to ancientbrain.com and go to How to code.

The site has extensive help for coding JavaScript and coding JavaScript graphics.

See also my notes:


A sample Ancient Brain "World", with 3d models that users can upload to the site.
Click to run World: Car models with light reflection at Ancient Brain.
Open in new window ("Open window") to see full menu for this World.
In the menu, you can change car models and switch skin. ("Chrome" is nice.)

Another Ancient Brain "World", with physics.
Click to run World: Collision World at Ancient Brain.
Mouse drag to move camera, and scroll to zoom camera.

Project: Write an interactive syllabus for Ancient Brain

Ancient Brain will (it is hoped) be of use in teaching programming. It already has two courses ported to it (but not adapted to it):

What it needs:

What you do: Find a way to keep the students away from the JS console:

Project: Port 400 Three.js examples to Ancient Brain

Project: Generalised JS porter

Program to generalise the above. Port any JS anywhere to Ancient Brain.

Project: AI in JS on Ancient Brain

Get an AI project, using say State Space Search, or Machine Learning, working on Ancient Brain.

This will probably use the World-Mind (problem-solution) division.

This may include third-party JS libraries for the AI algorithm. Or write your own.


Click to run World: Character recognition neural network at Ancient Brain.

Project: AI Chatbot on Ancient Brain


Project: Multi-player 3D game on Ancient Brain


Click to run World: Websockets boxes at Ancient Brain.
Websockets running on Ancient Brain.
Launch multiple copies of this World. Click buttons and watch boxes change in the other copies.

Click to run World: Port of flying birds at Ancient Brain.
Imagine these birds flying out of my "World space" on my web browser and into your "World space" on your web browser.

ancientbrain.com      w2mind.org      humphrysfamilytree.com

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