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Project ideas

CA686 - Foundations of AI

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FutureLearn "weeks" and calendar weeks

Your plan for the DCU semester should be as follows:

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Practicals for marks

There are two practicals for marks. 20 percent of the module each. Total 40 percent of module.

Practical 1

Launch: "Week 3" of "Heuristic Search" (Calendar week 6)
Deadline: End of calendar week 8.

  1. A* practical - FutureLearn page 3.6

  2. A* practical - Detailed instructions for 2020-21

Practical 2

Launch: "Week 4" of "Machine Learning with Neural Networks" (Calendar week 8)
Deadline: End of calendar week 10.

  1. Neural Networks practical - FutureLearn page 4.14

  2. Neural Networks practical - Detailed instructions for 2020-21

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