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Online coding site: Ancient Brain

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Online AI coding exercises

Project ideas

CA686 - Foundations of AI

This is a support page for the module "CA686 - Foundations of AI" which is on the FutureLearn site.




FutureLearn "weeks" and calendar weeks


Your plan

Your plan for the 12 week DCU semester should be as follows:

Ancient Brain

We will be using the Ancient Brain coding site for writing AI programs for this course.



Don't know JavaScript? No problem. You will pick it up quickly if you can code.



P5 and Three.js are the two main graphics libraries for JavaScript on Ancient Brain. Most of our examples in this course use P5. Most of the exercises use P5.


Extra notes:


3 hour exam (NOT 2 hours).




ancientbrain.com      w2mind.org      humphrysfamilytree.com

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