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Online coding site: Ancient Brain

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Online AI coding exercises

Project ideas

CA318 - Advanced Algorithms and AI Search

Coding platform

We will be using the Ancient Brain coding site for writing AI programs for this course.


AI course notes


Notes on Assignment Notation

I often use   :=   for assignment to distinguish from   =   for equality.



  1. Artificial Intelligence, George F. Luger - Library 006.3.LUG.
    • 6th edn, 2009.
    • Though note my section references are to 5th edn, 2005.
    • Student resources
    • Lecturer resources
    • Coverage of both the symbolic and the biological approaches to AI in one book.

Library categories

Copyright of Luger and Morelli images

  1. I use some images from Luger's book in this course.
    These images will be protected by a password I will give out in class.
    Images can be used for class access but not public access on the Web.
    Copyright notice:

    This work is protected by regional copyright laws and is provided solely for the use of instructors in teaching their courses and assessing student learning. Dissemination or sale of any part of this work (including on the Internet) will destroy the integrity of the work and is not permitted. The copyright holder grants permission to instructors who have adopted the textbook accompanying this work to post this material online only if the use of the website is restricted by access codes to students in the instructor's class that is using the textbook and provided the reproduced material bears this copyright notice.

  2. I also use some images from Morelli's course below. These images are used with the kind permission of Ralph Morelli.

Morelli course

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