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Web browsers


  1. "Back" or "Reload" jumps around on page.
  2. Click on TXT file downloads instead of displays in browser

  3. No "Edit page" option.

Task Manager


Stop caching while developing:

How to do things:
  1. To view HTTP headers:
    Network - (Reload page) - (select a request) - Headers

  2. To view cookies:
    Application - Cookies

  3. To edit cookies:

  4. To view entire current page (after JS transforms) as HTML:
    Elements - body - right-click - Edit as HTML

  5. To see all JS and other files included:
    • Network - JS (or Sort by type)

  6. To inspect images on page:
    • Application - Frames - top - Images

  7. Live edit CSS:
    1. Inspect element
    2. Styles
    3. Tick boxes on and off
    4. Edit values

  8. To convert image to Data URI
    1. Chrome console - Top menu >> Application
    2. Bottom panel - Frames - top - Images
    3. Right-click image and "Copy image as data URI"
  9. No option for converting audio to Data URI though.



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