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Project ideas

The mobile phone system

Mobile user.

Extremely-mobile roving user (compare with semi-mobile user of wireless LAN).

Handoff problems.

WAP mobile phone

Could browse the Web, sort of.

Public domain image from here.

Web access on a WAP phone will look something like this.
Public domain image from here.


Medium to high speed Internet through 3G when roaming.
High-speed Internet at Wi-Fi hotspots.

My first decent mobile Internet device: XDA Exec = HTC Universal (2005).


Web access on an iPhone.
From mes-newslive.blogspot.com.
See also here.

The iPhone was a revolution. First proper mobile phone Internet. First proper multi touch.

For a time, multi-touch smartphones dominated mobile Internet usage. But then tablets arrived.


Bigger device. Much easier to use Internet, but won't fit in small pocket.
There is probably room for every size.
I prefer 7 inch tablet to either 11 inch tablet or 4 inch phone. You may differ.

My first tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab (2010).

Mobile development

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