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How to find your IP address

  1. On Windows:
    $ ipconfig
    $ ipconfig /all
  2. On DCU Linux, something like:
    $ ip addr list 
    $ ip addr list em1
    $ ip addr list eth0
  3. On some other UNIX / Linux:
    $ ifconfig -a

  4. Click a remote site (inside DCU):

  5. Click a remote site (outside DCU):

  6. Proxy? (remote IP different to local IP)
    • You may discover that your remotely-visible IP is different to your locally-visible (inside DCU) IP.
    • Explanation: Some machines in DCU are set up to go through a proxy.

  7. whatismyip.com

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Wikipedia: Sometimes I link to Wikipedia. I have written something In defence of Wikipedia. It is often a useful starting point but you cannot trust it. Linking to it is like linking to a Google search. A starting point, not a destination. I automatically highlight in red all links to Wikipedia and Google search and other possibly-unreliable user-generated content.