David Azcona
Postdoctoral Researcher - david.azcona@dcu.ie
Fulbright Visiting scholar - david.azcona@asu.edu

About Me

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at Dublin City University. During my doctoral studies, I was supervised by Prof Alan Smeaton and I visited Arizona State University as a Fulbright research scholar.

I am a computing enthusiast and am passionate about research, education and teaching. I love to explore new fields, learn new technologies, and challenge myself in a way that allows me to make an impact on society. I also like sports, travelling, meeting people and learning from new cultures.

My research is in Artificial Intelligence and Applied Machine Learning. I worked on a variety of projects; from Computer Science Education using traditional Machine Learning and embeddings to fire finding drones with Computer Vision and transfer learning to Fintech approaches combining banking and social data. Check out my Github's main repo.


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