Ancient Brain Talk - Mark Humphrys - 21st Feb 2018

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Research Seminar Talk
Ancient Brain Talk - Mark Humphrys

Ancient Brain 
Code. Play. Teach. Learn. Research. Demo.

Ancient Brain: What is it?

Ancient Brain is a global archive of user-submitted programs ("Worlds") that run in the browser.

  • Worlds may be for humans to interact with (games, research demos, business demos).
  • Or Worlds may be for other programs to interact with (teaching exercises and students' answers, research problems and solutions).
  • Worlds are in JavaScript and use WebGL graphics. We support physics, and import of 3D models.
  • No install. Worlds run in the browser. Worlds can be edited in the browser.
  • Worlds can be "cloned" and modified by other users, in a new type of "social coding".
  • It runs on mobiles, with no install. You can write mobile games. You can play on the bus. You can code on the bus.
  • Running Worlds can be embedded on other websites.

Ancient Brain: Types of users

We envisage three types of users:

  1. Programmers who write Worlds.
  2. Users who run Worlds.
  3. "Tweakers" who cannot program but might be willing to change a few lines of the code written by the programmers. Why not? What's the worst that could happen?

Ancient Brain: What will it become?

Ancient Brain aims to become:

  • One of the most fun places in the world to code.
  • One of the best places online to show off your portfolio of code to employers.
  • A platform for teaching, from kids to adults.
  • A platform for AI and other Computer Science research.
  • A vast archive of useful algorithms and subroutines that can be called in situ.
  • A vast archive of user-submitted browsable games. A place people will come to to look for new games.
  • A very social and immediate way of coding. As soon as you press "Save", your friend can press "Run", even before you do. There is no intermediate upload or download step.
  • A way of bringing real coding to the masses.
  • A way of empowering a new type of user - the "tweaker".