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Transfer Talk - Suzanne McCarthy - 27th June 2018
Suzanne McCarthy

Title: A Lightweight ETL Framework for On Demand Queries


Transfer Talk
Transfer Talk - Viviana Angely - 21st June 2018

Title: An ArchiMate Extension for Modelling the Alignment of Services and Information in Smart City Architectures

Transfer Talk
Seminar talk Adapt - Prof Mikel Forcada - 12/06/18

Seminar: One-parameter models for sentence-level post-editing effort estimation

Transfer Talk
MyLifeBits - Jim Gremmel - 19th May 2018
Jim Gremmel

Jim Gemmell of TROV (https://www.trov.com/) will be in Insight tomorrow and he will give a talk at 3pm in HG.08. Jim was the co-author of ‘Total Recall’ with Gordon...

Guest Lecture
Ancient Brain Talk - Mark Humphrys - 21st Feb 2018
Ancient Brain Talk - Mark Humphrys

Research Seminar Talk
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