Top quality developers needed at LONGENTRIES!

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Private Sector

We are hiring @logentries. A few reasons why you should think about joining us ...

Great company & product
Logentries is a venture backed startup that is developing a next generation cloud based log management platform. Logentries processes billions of log events every day from 1000's of website and actively manages trillions of log events. The Logentries log management service provides support teams, testers, developers, systems administrators and business analysts a way to easily understand what is happening in the software systems. The Logentries SAAS solution provides log visualisation, search capabilities, alerting, platform intelligence, mobile notifications and a range of other features to allow for simple, yet powerful, log analysis.

Great team
We have a great team! Both founders have a strong track record developing cutting edge technologies, and were former researchers with the Performance Engineering Lab at University College Dublin. We were also both scientists at IBM's Center for Advanced Studies and have built a ton of technologies in the past, in areas such as log management, software profiling, run-time performance measurement, memory analysis, linux file systems... and we even have PhDs :). We also like to speak at tech conferences and blog frequently. We have been joined by a number of smart university graduates, researchers and developers - we work hard and fast, but do not cut corners and follow an agile development process. If you are smart and have a passion for development and getting things done, we think you'll love working with us.

Great locations
We are headquartered at Dogpatch Labs Eurpoe, in the centre of Dublin. Dogpatch is located on Barrow St. (between Google, Facebook, Twitter and some other small companies;). Dogpatch is a shared office space with another 15-20 like minded companies. It is a hive of activity and is the most exciting location for any startup to be based within Ireland (and likely Europe)! A lot of ideas are generated around the pool table/dart board/fridge... We work hard and have a lot of fun doing it!

We also have offices in Prague and Boston.

Cutting Edge Technologies
We work with a large range of technologies including, Python, Java, c, Node.js, SQl DBs, NOSQL DBs, Hadoop and more to help us process and manage billions and billions of log events every day. We use a bunch of open source libraries and components and even develop some of our own components when off the shelf components do not fit our purpose. If you are interested in using cutting edge technologies, to push the boundaries to build and scale systems efficiently then we are interested in you.

Make an impact!
Logentries are building a next generation log management platform that 1000's of people already love to use. We are growing fast and you have a unique opportunity to join a small, but growing team and make a huge impact!

What we need!

Senior Developers
We are currently seeking a number of Senior Software Engineers with a passion for development and relevant software development experience.
You will be expected to be proficient in multiple programming languages, in particular in Java, and will be a key member of the Infrastructure team, responsible for the design and implementation of a scalable, multi-tenant, log-management and analytics platform. Previous experience search optimization and big data related development is and advantage.

Junior Developers
We are currently seeking a number of Junior Software Engineers with a passion for development. You will be responsible
for front end development, integration with partner platforms, mobile development and more.

Web Developers/Designers
Have a flare for design and have the skills to apply it? Familiar with stylesheets and wire frames? Experience in designing product UX? We would love to see your portfolio.

Growth Hackers
Are you a hybrid of marketer and coder, one who looks at the traditional question of “How do I get customers for my product?” and answers with A/B tests, landing pages, viral factor, email deliverability etc.?


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