John McKenna

Lecturer, School of Computing

Teaching Responsibilities

John McKenna currently lectures:

  • CA641 Biometrics (MSc. in Security and Forensic Computing)
  • CA664 Advanced Programming (Graduate Diploma in IT)

and tutors on

  • CA165 Computer Programming 1
  • CA166 Computer Programming 2
  • CA167 Computing for Mathematics

In the past, he has delivered NLP-related modules in speech processing, statistical techniques in natural language processing, introductory phonetics and phonology. He has taught introductory computer architecture and data structures and algorithms. He has also been Chair of the BSc. in Applied Computational Linguistics (ACL) programme, and co-ordinated final year ACL projects for a number of years.


Administrative Responsibilities

John currently:

  • sits on the School of Computing's Teaching Committee
  • is CA1 (1st Year BSc. in Computer Applications) Year Head
  • is a member of DCU's Learning Innovation Advisory Panel (LIAP)

In the past he has:

  • chaired the School of Computing's Undergraduate Teaching Committee
  • chaired the BSc. in Applied Computational Linguistics degree programme
  • been a member of the Faculty (of Engineering and Computing) Education Committee
  • been an AFI (Academic Framework for Innovation) Fellow
  • been a member of DCU's Disability Steering Group
  • been a member of Academic Council
Academic Lecturing
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Research Group: 
Language and Intelligence
Associated Research Centres: 
Research Institute for Networks and Communications Engineering (RINCE)