Dr. Cathal Gurrin

Dr Cathal Gurrin (@cathal) is an Associate Professor at the School of Computing, at Dublin City University, deputy head of the School of Computing, and a co-investigator at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics and the Adapt centre. Gurrin leads a group of nine researchers dedicated to developing assistive technologies using wearable sensors and data analytics. He has a Google Scholar H-index of 35 from over 4,200 citations to his research works, and he is the co-author of ‘Lifelogging, Personal Big Data’, 2014. In addition, he co-organises the QS meetup in Dublin and regularly speaks at major international events such as the Global Quantified-Self Conference and partner-events. He is the founder and co-organser of the Lifelog Search Challenge at the annual ACM ICMR conference, the NTCIR-Lifelog participation workshop and the ImageCLEF lifelog task. Finally he has been the general chair of many high-ranking computer science conferences, such as ECIR 2011 & MMM 2014, he has been the general co-chair of MB2016 & MMM2017, CBMI 2019, and will be the general co-chair of ACM ICMR 2020. He holds position on numerous editorial boards and conference steering committees.

In 2020/2021 he will teach:

  • CA637 - Advanced Scientific Communication Skills
  • CA4102 - High Technolofy Entrepreneurship
  • CA6005i - Mechanics of Search (with Annalina Caputo)


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Sensor Web Technologies
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 The highly interdisciplinary approach advanced by his group, "lifelogging", integrates computer science, cognitive science and data-driven healthcare analytics to generate next-generation digital records of the individual. The basic idea is to provide a non-invasive, secure and privacy-preserving personal big data archive monitoring and analysing the individual continuously, with a wide-range of positive applications.

Selected Publications: 

Dr Gurrin has written 1 book and 13 book chapters. He has edited 16 books/volumes associated with conference/workshop proceedings. Additionally he has published 205 conference publications, 3 of which were award winning. He has also published 20 per reviewed journal publications (70% in Q1 with all publications in Q1 since 2014), with two more Q1 publications under review. Finally, he has 6 internaitonal patents.


1. LifeLogging: Personal Big Data. Gurrin C,  Smeaton A F and Doherty A R  (2014).  Foundations and Trends in Information Retrieval, 8 (1). ISSN 1554-0677.

2. Children’s everyday exposure to food marketing: an objective analysis using wearable cameras. Signal L N, Stanley J, Smith M, Barr M B, Chambers T J, Zhou J, Duane A, Gurrin C, Smeaton A F, McKerchar C, Pearson A L, Hoek J, Jenkin G L and. Ni Mhurchu C (2017). International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity (2017) 14:137. ISSN 1479-5868. Pages 45 -

3. Comparing approaches to interactive lifelog search at the Lifelog Search Challenge (LSC2018). Gurrin C, Schoeffmann K, Joho H, Leibetseder A, Zhou L, Duane A, Dang Nguyen D T, Riegler M, Piras L, Tran M T, Loko─Ź J and Hurst W (2019). ITE Transactions on Media Technology and Applications, 7 (2). ISSN 2186-7364.


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