Dr. Cathal Gurrin

I received a Stokes Lectureship in 2007 from Science Foundation Ireland for the School of Computing, atDublin City University. In 2009/2010 I teach:

  • CA168 - Digital World, taught to BSc in Enterprise Computing (with Prof Alan Smeaton)
  • CA550 - MEC Practicum, taught to MSc in E-Commerce
  • CA533 - Mechanics of Digital Campaign Management (with Prof Alan Smeaton)

In 2010/2011, I will teach:

  • CA168 - Digital World, taught to BSc in Enterprise Computing 4th year (with Prof Alan Smeaton)
  • CA533 - Mechanics of Digital Campaign Management (with Prof Alan Smeaton)
  • CA496 - Enterprise Computing team project, taught to BSc in Enterprise Computing 4th year
  • CA482 - The Mechanics of Search and Social Media Strategies, taught to BSc in Enterprise Computing 4th year
Academic Lecturing
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Dependable Systems
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Research Centre for Big Data Analytics (INSIGHT)
Research Interests: 

I am a researcher in Information Retrieval (IR), though I have a particular interest in how people access information from mobile devices (MHCIR). I have an ongoing interest in Human Digital Memories and I have gathered an archive of over 7 million sensecam images of life since June 2006. I am also interested in sensing the environment and the person through my involvement with CLARITY as a named collaborator and have a growing interest in a topic called CIR (Cognitive Information Retrieval). In addition, I still maintain an interest in Information Seeking on the WWW, which was my PhD topic.

In 2011, I am the general chair of the 33rd European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR 2011), which is bring held in Dublin at the Guinness Storehouse and the Radisson Blu hotel, both in Dublin city centre. I am also the European liasion for MMM2012. Recently I was the PC co-chair of the European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR 2010), co-organiser of SenseCam 2010 in Dublin and demos co-chair of ACM CIKM 2010. We are also hosting ACM SIGIR 2013 and MMM 2015.
Selected Publications: 

Advances in Information Retrieval. Proceedings of the 32nd European Conference on IR Research (ECIR 2010) Gurrin C,  He Y, Kazai G, Kruschwitz U, Little S, Roelleke T, Rueger S,  van Rijsbergen K. (eds), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 5993. Berlin: Springer.
Proceedings of the second annual SenseCam symposium (SenseCam 2010). Berry E, Byrne D, Doherty A R., Gurrin C, and Smeaton A F., eds. (2010) 16-17 September 2010. Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland. ISBN 1872-327-915
Proceedings of the ECIR2010 workshop on information access for personal media archives (IAPMA2010), Doherty A R, Gurrin C, Jones G J.F. and Smeaton A F, eds. (2010). Milton Keynes, UK, 28 March 2010. IAPMA Workshop Proceedings . Dublin City University. ISBN 1872327869
Addressing the Challenge of Managing Large-scale Digital Multimedia Libraries. Gurrin C, Aarflot T, Sav S, Johansen D. Journal of Digital Information Management, 2009
Content-based Video Retrieval. Gurrin C. Encyclopedia of Database Systems, Springer, 2008.
Constructing a SenseCam Visual Diary as a Media Process. Lee H, Smeaton A.F, O'Connor N, Jones G, Blighe M, Byrne D, Doherty A and Gurrin C. Multimedia Systems Journal, Special Issue on Canonical Processes of Media Production, Vol. 14, No. 6, 2008. (pp341-349)
Replicating Web Structure in Small-Scale Test Collections. Gurrin C and Smeaton A.F. Journal of Information Retrieval, Special Issue on ECIR, Vol. 7, No. 3-4, , September 2004. (pp239-263)

Active Research Grants: 

iAd (2008-2014) - Information Access Disruptions (Norwegian Research Council)
SpongeIT (2010-2011) (Enterprise Ireland)
MetaLabs (2011-2013) NDRC
Stokes Lecturship (SFI)