Successful Two Day IBM Workshop for the School of Computing Students

ibm workshop


For the past four years, in February, start of semester 2, IBM/DCU run a module in IT Architecture culminating a two day workshop giving students the opportunity to learn, apply and demonstrate architectural thinking through a series of practical exercises with a final presentation from the students at the end of the course. The workshop is run by a team of experienced IBM IT Architects from IBM's Global Services division from Ireland and the UK in conjunction with DCU lecturers. Students then present a written proposal for examination as well as a team presentation on which they are assessed for the module.


On completing this module students are able to...

  • Explain the role of IT Architecture, the skills of the IT Architect, what IT Architects do, the processes involved in producing an architectural solution and the management issues involved.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the principles and practices of IT Architecture as well as the process as proposed by the IBM methodology.
  • Relate theory to practice by modelling real world problems to an abstract analysis and design space.
  • Critically appraise proposed IT Architectural solutions.
  • Design and justify a particular architecture for a specified project taking into account the business and technical requirements of the project.
  • Devise and communicate arguments for an architectural solution through presentations, written proposals and in response to live questioning.
  • Work collaboratively in self organising teams to produce and defend proposals based on the work carried out in the workshops.


ibm workshopThe IT Architecture module runs over two intensive weeks in third year for Computer Applications Software Engineering and Information Systems students. It has been developed by IBM in conjunction with DCU and several UK universities.

There is a large practical component to this course, centred around a two day intensive IT Architecture workshop, held in conjunction with IBM IT Architects acting as mentors, guest lecturers and tutors to the students. Topics in the module include the following ...

  • Components and Patterns
  • What IT Architects do all day
  • Non Functional Requirements - Quality of Service and Security
  • Tools of the IT Architect Trade
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Producing a System Context Diagram
  • Use Case Modelling, Developing Architecture Overview Diagrams, Operational Models and Component Models.

It was a successful and enjoyable workshop, for the fourth year running, which the School plans to continue in the future, in conjunction with IBM Ireland and IBM UK.