Girls Hack Ireland 2017 @ DCU

Girls Hack Ireland 2017The most recent Girls Hack Ireland event was held at the All Hallows campus of DCU on Saturday March 11th. Over 50 girls (aged 13 to 17) were introduced to web design and writing HTML/CSS. The day included a panel interview of women in STEM careers and was supported by a number of students and staff from the Faculty of Engineering and Computing as well as volunteers from the Insight Centre for Data Analytics and other industry partners who provided technical support and encouragement to the teams.

The girls came together in teams to create a comic based on a fairy tale or story and impressed the judges (including the School of Computing's Dr Monica Ward) with their ability and creativity. Winners of the judges prize took on the tale of Snow White with seven hackers working to retrieve Snow White's Instagram account from the Evil Queen. The audience prize went to a team who had a topical view of Red Riding Hood meeting Donald Trump in Phoenix Park.

Girls Hack Ireland 2017 WinnersGirls Hack Ireland ( is a program developed by The Insight Centre for Data Analytics with the aim of encouraging girls and their parents to consider careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). This is achieved through the delivery of a range of exciting, creative and interactive workshops geared towards generating interest in the disciplines among teenage girls aged 13-17. Dr Suzanne Little (School of Computing) is a founding member of Girls Hack Ireland and the technology content creator and coordinator of event mentors. The initiative is partly funded by a Science Foundation Ireland Discover Grant.