ComputeTY 2012

ComputeTY winners

The School of Computing, is delighted to announce we are re-running our ComputeTY programme in 2012. This programme has run very successfully in the past and we are committed to promoting computing education to secondary school students from all backgrounds of society. The programme will run for 4 weeks starting Monday 9th January - Friday 3rd February 2012 in labs LG25 and 26. 400 students will participate from over 30 schools.

Computing and digital technology is a crucial and productive element to the success of Ireland's future and an important learning tool in young peoples lives. For 2012 we have put together a programme structure that is divided into two streams. Stream 1 - web design and Stream 2 - an introduction to Java programming. The content will work for those students who have a strong aptitude for computing and also for those who have an interest in computing but may require extra help and encouragement.

For more information contact:
Christine Stears,
Marketing Officer,
Tel: 01-7005237,