PhD Student

Dublin City University / June 2013 - Present

Analyst Programmer

Iconic Translation Machines / September 2010 - April 2013

Research Interests

Statistical Machine Translation

Neural Machine Translation

Cross-lingual Domain Adaptation in NLP

Machine Learning / Deep Learning


Jian Zhang, Xiaofeng Wu, Andy Way and Qun Liu. 2016 Fast Gated Neural Domain Adaptation: Language Model as a Case Study In COLING 2016 (to appear)

Jian Zhang, Liangyou Li, Andy Way and Qun Liu. 2016 Topic-Informed Neural Machine Translation In COLING 2016 (to appear)

Jia Xu, Jian Zhang, Xiang Li, MingXuan Wang and Qun Liu. 2015 ICT-DCU NIST-15 Machine Translation System June 2015, Workshop of Open Machine Translation

Jian Zhang, Liangyou Li, Qun Liu and Andy Way. 2014. A Probabilistic Featured Translation Model Fillup for SMT . In Proceedings of AMTA 2014, Vancouver, Canada.

Jian Zhang, Xiaofeng Wu, Iacer Calixto, Ali Hosseinzadeh Vahid, Xiaojun Zhang, Andy Way and Qun Liu. 2014. Experiments in Medical Translation Shared Task at WMT 2014 . In Proceedings of WMT 2014: the Ninth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation, Baltimore, MD.

Chris Hokamp, Iacer Calixto, Joachim Wagner and Jian Zhang. 2014 Target-Centric Features for Translation Quality Estimation . In Proceedings of WMT 2014: the Ninth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation, Baltimore, MD.

John Tinsley, Alexandru Ceausu, Jian Zhang. 2012. PLUTO: Automated Solutions for Patent Translationin . Proceedings of the 13th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics, Avignon, France.

Alexandru Ceausu, John Tinsley, Jian Zhang and Andy Way. 2011. Experiments on domain adaptation for patent machine translation in the PLuTO project . Proceedings of the 15th Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation. European Association for Machine Translation, Leuven, Belgium.

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