Dr Suzanne Little

Lecturer, School of Computing, Dublin City University
SFI Funded Investigator, Insight Centre for Data Analytics

In September 2015 I moved to the School of Computing at DCU to become a lecturer having previously been a Senior Research Fellow at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at DCU. I originally joined the CLARITY research centre at Dublin City University in February 2012 principally responsible for the SAVASA project (Standards based Approach to Video Archive Search and Analysis). In 2013, CLARITY evolved to become Insight where I worked on and managed a number of projects in video analytics, motion analysis and data collection. Prior to moving to Ireland in 2012, I worked in the UK, Germany, Italy and Australia. I completed my PhD at the University of Queensland, Australia.


My research interests include multimedia analytics, semantic search and data integration. I've worked in a variety of applications domains including security, technology enhanced learning, biomedical, multimedia archives (news), autonomous vehicles, internet of things and smart communities. I work with tools such as machine learning, computer vision, data management, ontologies and will generally reach for Python when I need to process data or implement a solution.

List of Publications (or see Google Scholar or Research Gate)

Current Projects

cloud-lsva logo


Cloud Large Scale Video Analytics.
EU H2020 project in Big Data, utilising video data from automotive testing to address driver safety and support systems (ASAS) and advanced localisation/cartography as a data source to advance and scale video analytics.
EU H2020 Big Data, 2016-2018


Vision Inspired Driver Assistance Systems
Applying computer vision to the 720o of video data gathered from instrumented vehicles to identify and classify situations externally and internally.
EU H2020 MG3.6 Mobility, 2016-2019

Smart Stadium

Smart Stadium for Smarter Living
A collaborative initiative between DCU, Arizona State University (ASU), Intel, Microsoft and Croke Park to build an IoT testbed at Croke Park (Ireland) and Sun Devil (Arizona) Stadiums.
Silicon Republic article


Analysis System for Gathered Raw Data
Multimodal data integration from massive amounts of seized and gathered data (documents, photographs, recordings, video, etc.) to support law enforcement and forensics.
EU H2020 FCT-1 Security, 2016-2020

Girls Hack Ireland

SFI Discover Grant to run local events encouraging and facilitating girls (13-17) to consider computing (and other STEM) as a career option. Collaborating with Coding Grace and looking to engage with the many other initiatives in this space.

Past Projects

  • SAVASA (2012-2014): Standards-based Approach to Video Archive Search and Analysis.
  • OpenScout (2011): Developing support services for sharing skills, finding and adapting open educational resources for business training.
  • See earlier ...


See here for a list of suggestions for 3rd year, 4th year & MCM projects (2017/2018).

CA377 (Sem I)

Programming Fundamentals (project)

With Jennifer Foster. 100% continuous assessment, practical software development, deployment, testing and management project for 3rd year EC students. Covering skills such as source code management (git), databases, web services, deployment and testing tools, UI design and reporting.

CA682 (Sem I)

Data Management & Visualisation

Practical introduction to all aspects of gathering, cleaning, managing and visualising data including big data. Offered in the MCM and graduate studies courses. This module is run via Loop (Moodle). Please see the module page for all details. If you are interested in the topic then the following books are useful introductions to the visualisation aspect of data analytics: "Data Visualisation" by Andy Kirk & "Show Me the Numbers" by Stephen Few.

CA170 (Sem II)

Introduction to Operating Systems

Covering fundamentals of operating systems for first year CA students. This module is run via Loop (Moodle). Please see the module page for all details.

CA121 (Sem II)

Data Analysis & Visualisation

With Marija Bezbradica. An introduction to data analytics and visualisation for first year EC students with a focus on business skills and requirements. Learn how design and interpret information graphics.

Contact & Student Consultation

I've made appointment slots ("Student consultation") available via my staff google calendar on Thursday afternoons. Go to http://goo.gl/qr9bvF, preferably while logged in to your DCU student address and find a suitable time slot. Contact me directly to make other appointments.

Room: L2.37, School of Computing, DCU
    (call extension 6052 from the phone near the elevator on level 2)
Email: suzanne.little@dcu.ie
Phone: +353 1 700 6052