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Undergraduate Projects

Big Graph Databases

Level: M.Sc. / B.Sc.

Prerequisites: good programming skills


Consideraing systems capable of storing and managing very large graphs, e.g., for social networks or for the Web of Data. This project aims to compare the different systems by developing and deploying an application on top of different systems. Big Graph Databases include Neo4j, FlockDB, AllegroGraph

Social Marketing FootPrint

Level: M.Sc. / B.Sc.

Prerequisites: noSQL


Social Data Acquisition and Social Graph Processing Use of social networks for marketing campaigns. • Social Data Acquisition • Social Graph Processing

Mining Twitter Data

Microblogging has quickly grown as the avatar of social interaction. Twitter is the most favored microblogging platform. With 500 million registered users, more than 400 million tweets are posted every day. Twitter’s ability to propagate real-time information to a wide set of users makes it a potential system for disseminating vital information. Goal is to use the content of the tweets and the network information of the “twitterers” to identify tweets that are location-specific. Location of interest tweets are summarized and presented to the end-users. Look into relationship between trending tweets from a location and the location specificity of the tweets

Brand Decision Influence of Social Media

Social media sites are becoming increasingly important in customer relationship and brand management as a means to disseminate. .This project will develops and tests a social media user behavior model that captures the relationships among social media interactivity factors, the user’s group identity and network leadership, social media belief and attitude, social media usage, and brand decision influence for different social media types.

Mobile App Development

Application Development for Android or iOS using React Native, Node and/or Angular

Sample App

Develop a mobile app for scanning leaves of trees, shrubs. Flower petals etc and identify the species and present relevant information.