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Postgraduate Research Projects

Biological Cell Simulator.

This project requires the researching into how a T-Helper cell functions in the immune system. Develop an Agent based model of the dynamic processes involved in T helper cell activation and development. To be able to develop realistic models, and to qualitatively determine the behaviours of complex biological systems, one first needs to recognize the different components/variables experimentally in such systems. Secondly; with enough data/parameter values, more quantitative models can be developed.

Model of Eutrophication in Lake

Design a system that models and simulates inflow/outflow in a lake. The lake system will include algae which will grow depending on envoironmental conditions (e.g. light, temperature, oxygen, nitrogen). The system will simulate conditions for an Algal Bloom which can deoxygenate the lake water and lead to fish kills in the lake.

Mammographic image processing using wavelet processing techniques

This project involves processing of images using wavelets to enhance the images and further improve detection of cancer. This involves a study on classification of digital mammographic images, using wavelet transform analysis in conjunction with statistical pattern recognition techniques. A comparative evaluation between different wavelet analysis architectures in terms of their classification ability, as well as between different classifiers is to be carried out. The project aims to show if statistical measures clearly distinguish between the normal/abnormal classes, when applied to a large dataset.