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The World-Wide-Mind - WWM development - Selected Worlds

Selected Worlds

From the DCU 3rd year class of 2012.

This is just a sample. There are other great Worlds. See all Worlds.

If in the future any of the authors here have updated versions they want me to link to instead, let me know.

"HanoiTower" by Christopher Boyle

"FloodItWorld" by Paul Bunbury

"SolarWorld" by Killian Carroll

"SoccerWorld2" by Chris Courtney

"TennisWorld2" by Daniel Grimes

"MinerWorld" by Dmitri Lerko

"Blueballs" by Conor Pender

"Speed" by Michael Scriney

"MinesweeperWorld" by Shane Stacey

"PegSolitare" by Kenny Tang

"CrimsonLand6" by Xiaodong Yu

"TicTacToe" by Szymon Zielinski

Usage by class of 2013

The 3rd year class of 2012 were given the task of writing Worlds.
The 3rd year class of 2013 were given the task of writing Minds for these Worlds.
Here is a summary of the Worlds they wrote for (as at the time I marked them).

World Number of Minds Number of runs
Blueballs 14 304
Speed 13 461
TicTacToe 12 310
MinesweeperWorld 10 690
HanoiTower 10 547
FloodItWorld 6 322
MinerWorldUpdated 3 204
SoccerWorld2 1 103
CrimsonLand6 1 82
SolarWorld 1 64
PegSolitare 1 33

World Number of Minds Number of runs
TennisWorld 3 76
TennisWorld2 1 48
TennisWorld2_1 1 9

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