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How to submit practicals - What to hand up

When students write a program, I can test it by the following options:
  1. Run your program myself in my own account.
    - Security problems. Compatibility problems. Logistical problems.

  2. Get you to run it in your account in front of me.
    - Logistical problems.

  3. Have your program automatically run and marked as it is submitted.
    - Ideal. I have done this in the past. Takes some setting up.

  4. Get you to submit enough paperwork so I can see it works without running it.
    i.e. Submit:
    1. ALL source code
    2. Sample screen shots
    3. Some (or all) of the input and output (e.g. samples of HTML data, samples of XML data, etc.)
    Code should be commented.
    Printouts of program code should be:
    1. Fixed-width font.
    2. Landscape mode.
    3. Colour.
    4. Syntax-highlighted.

For this course I do no.4.
I may also do no.2 if there is time.

If you do not submit screen shots, you will fail.
I want paper copies, not electronic copies.
I will not mark electronic submissions.

Make sure these are written on your submission:

  1. Course
  2. Lecturer: Mark Humphrys
  3. Your name
  4. Your student number

How to send it to me:

  1. Leave it in the project box in L114.
  2. Give it to me at lectures/labs.
  3. Post it to me.

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