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My big idea: Ancient Brain


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Mark Humphrys - Research - Action Selection - House Robot movie

Movie demo of the House Robot problem


See full description of the House Robot problem. The creature investigates all humans, following strangers and avoiding getting in the way of family. When not occupied it defaults to a hoover.

This is a demonstration of the artificial world itself, with a hand-coded creature. See elsewhere for demonstration of a W-learning creature.

Humans and dirt

Here is the basic behavior:

"House Robot" movie, 200 steps.
See WMV:

Humans, dirt and smoke

We complicate things by making the robot a smoke detector and investigator as well.

Here it is too busy stamping out fire to attend to anything else:

"Fire fighter" movie, 200 steps.
See WMV:

Movie demo of W-learning in the Ant World problem

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