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School of Computing. Dublin City University.

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  Computational Evolution

Natural Evolution

Human Evolution

Evolution Links

Computational Evolution

ALife online

Chaotic and Complex Systems

Natural Evolution

Bad design

The argument from bad design is one of the strongest arguments that living things are evolved, not designed.

Charles Darwin

"Creationism" and "Intelligent design"

Evolutionary biology conflicts with some people's religious beliefs in a way that most branches of science do not.

As a result, it is the object of controversy for some religious people. It is a controversy caused entirely by religion, not by science. If you did not have those religious beliefs, you would not find the science remotely controversial.

Human Evolution

Fantastic "Tree of Life" poster.
See larger. You can order it here.

Show last common ancestor of humans with: (e.g. chimp, dog, mouse, earwig, tuna, carrot)
From timetree.org

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