Beaumont Hospital project idea

The project is based on a paired associate visual learning paradigm

The test is designed to test spatial memory immediate delayed and recognition in Epilepsy Patients going for surgery.

The test uses a black and white background with two  grids of 9x9 dots.


A square shape is shown on one side and matched with another square on another grid.

We do 9 of this matching over  4 learning trials with the person having to match the placement of one square against another, i.e remember to place of one square against placement of another.

After 30 mins we assess delayed memory.

I have a paradigm where of the 9 placements 3 are easy 3 are medium and 3 are hard to learn

A scoring is done on a grid system of how accurate your placement is.

This is a memory test to aid pre-surgical memory assessment of patients going for surgery for Epilepsy.

It will have clinical application and utility.

It should ideally run on a tablet i.e. IPAD / similar


Mark Mulrooney
Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist
Beaumont Hospital