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CA318 - practical

CA318 practical

The World-Wide-Mind

The practical is based on the "World-Wide-Mind" project.

Involves the research website w2mind.computing.dcu.ie.

Practice - Lab

When we "run" the Mind in the World, we repeatedly ask the World to describe itself by sending it a "Get State" message, then we ask the Mind what to do by sending it a "Get Action" message, then we execute the action by sending the World server a "Take Action" message.

  1. Run a Mind in a World

  2. Register so you can upload Minds and worlds
    • Register
    • Please use your proper name in the "Name" field (no nicknames), or scores may not be properly credited to you.

  3. Write a Mind for a World

  4. N.B. There is an issue with Java 1.7. For now, if you have 1.7, compile with 1.6 compatibility mode:
    javac -source 1.6 -target 1.6 -cp "*" MyMind.java
  5. You can test run with images offline. You will need local disk space to store the images. So I have requested your quotas be increased to 1 G. If this is not done let me know.

  1. Another test World

  2. Write a World

  3. 2-D graphics

Practical - Write a Mind for ChessWorld

The practical


Marks are given for:
  1. Position on overall scoreboard.
  2. Maximising one element of score.
  3. Clever algorithm used by your Mind.
  4. Clever use of calling other Minds.
  5. Good write-up.


Your Mind may be used by others in the future

Your Mind when uploaded on our server may be used by others in unpredictable ways.

It may be used for further experiments in our WWM research project, which aims to find ways of building up complex Minds composed of the works of multiple authors. Previous students' work has ended up being re-used in larger, multi-author systems, and even discussed in various scientific papers.

If you do not want this to happen, you can delete your Mind at any time. (But wait until after you have got your practical results!)

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