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Windows command line

The Windows command line (or DOS command-line) on Microsoft Windows also has commands you can type at a prompt.


Demo in lecture


  1. cls (like UNIX clear)

  2. cd (works like in UNIX)

  3. cd (with no argument) (is like UNIX pwd)

  4. find (like grep)
    find "Henry" home.html


  1. File wildcards work. Go into "richardii" and try:
    find "Ireland" *.html
    Lists all files plus matches. Lists files even if they have no matches.

  2. Some directory wildcards work.
    From the home Shakespeare directory:
    cd macb*

  3. Some directory wildcards don't work.
    From the home Shakespeare directory, this works:
    find "Ireland" richardii\*.html
    but this does not work:
    find "Ireland" *\*.html
  4. You can get around this by writing a batch file with a FOR loop.


Windows batch files

More powerful Windows command-lines


bash on Windows 10

Other scripting

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