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My big idea: Ancient Brain


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Internet Reference


The Web (HTTP)



ASCII and other characters

Character encoding started with the English-language alphabet:

Character encoding is now extended to all alphabets:

Key codes

Percent encoding

Javascript Percent-encoder

From Eric A. Meyer.
View Source to see how this is done.
Note this is a <FORM> element, but it is not linked to any server program. There is no "ACTION=url" attribute.
It is entirely client side. The buttons do not submit anywhere. They just trigger client-side functions.

My pages

My early history online

*  MGonzNet                                         
* --------------------------------------------------
*  help          Help                               
*  who           Nice VM Who                        
*  scoop         The truth!                         
*  get           Get the p program for your machine 
*  p             Query VM/SCS printer queues        
*  p :printer:   Query specific printer             
* --------------------------------------------------

My "home page" in Feb 1989.

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