Grzegorz Chrupała @ DCU

Grzegorz Chrupała
Grzegorz Chrupała <>
National Center for Language Technology (L2.08)
School of Computing, Dublin City University
Glasnevin, Dublin 9
Ireland, EU
Phone: +353 1 700 6913

I have moved to the Spoken Language Group at Saarland University: my webpage at UdS



I am a postgraduate student at the NCLT. I work on treebank-based acquisition of multilingual LFG resources. This research is part of the larger multilingual SFI-funded GramLab project. My supervisor is Prof. Josef van Genabith.

Recent publications

Older publications


Treebank utilities (21-03-2007): A few commands useful when dealing with trees in Penn Treebank format. README file. Linux x86 binary


Some photos: here and here. I (very) occasionally write something in my blog.

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