Brian Stone, Dip. Surv., M.Sc.

I have previously been interested in performance analysis of high-speed networks and of the applications which require high data rates, such as full motion video and high quality sound. My earlier research concentrated on these issues, characterised the behaviour of a delay sensitive client application, using analytical modelling and simulated the behaviour of a distributed file system, with multiple servers over an FDDI network.

I have also worked on the analysis of data for colour vision defects in children. This work involved Fourier analysis of results obtained in clinical tests using the Farnworth Munsell 100 Hue Test, the standard test for the quantification and categorisation of colour vision defects. Previous analysis of clinical data was extremely difficult. The research resulted in the production of a tool for the accurate characterisation, both qualitative and quantitative of colour vision defects. This tool is currently is use in Irish hospitals. The research was conducted in association with Mr. Paul Mullaney, Opthalmologist at the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital in Dublin.

My work in the INSYDE project delt with the integration of the Formal Description technique SDL for software specification, and VHDL for hardware specification into the Object Oriented design environment of Rumbough (OMT), for the development of hybrid systems. In this work we are developing modified design techniques as well as applying constraints upon the languages (SDL, VHDL), and the modelling techniques of OMT to allow the integration of the various components (OMT, SDL, VHDL). The State Transition Charts (Harel) incorporated into OMT are being used to specify the dynamic model for the systems under design. This work is being carried out in the School of Computer Applications by a group of researchers in an Esprit project called INSYDE. It is the aim of the INSYDE project to produce tools for the design and simulation (for verification) of hybrid systems.

My current and recent areas of interest include Data Communications and Networks, formal specification and verification for communications protocols including applications of the Pi calculus. I am interested in the development of new communications protocols and broadband applications for mobile computing and in the formal aspects of communications protocols. I am interested in ubiquitous computing, ad-hoc issues and network security.

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