School of Computing - Research - Working Papers - 2005

Working Papers for 2005

Investigation of Cache Timing Attacks on AES
Mairead O'Hanlon and Anthony Tonge

The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), also known as Rijndael, has been designed to have very strong resistance against the classical approximation attacks, such as linear cryptanalysis, differential cryptanalysis etc. Typically software implementations of AES involve manipulation of large arrays acting as S-boxes. The use of these large arrays along with the limited cache has been proven to leak timing information. Bernstein claims that these timing leaks can be used to mount a successful attack, which retrieves the AES key[1]. The paper investigates Bernstein's claims and the practicalities involved in implementing such an attack.

Software Development Projects - Portfolio Selection & Staffing with Tool Support
M. Coyle, W.G. Tuohey

Staffing challenges faced by software development organisations are identified. The need for a strategic view to meet these challenges, based on project portfolio management, is highlighted. To be effective, portfolio management should be supported by suitable tools. A specific tool is presented which it is believed can be of practical benefit for decision makers on project selection and staff recruitment.

A weakest precondition calculus for applied π-calculus
Jiao Decai & David Sinclair

In this article we explore the formal verification of mobile and distributed systems by using term rewriting of applied π-calculus operations. We propose a series of rewriting rules of applied π-calculus based on weakest precondition semantics and applied them to some typical π-calculus process examples. We explore the feasibility of applying the fixpoint method to the recursive definition and give three examples grouped by whether new names are involved.