Some Fantastic Projects Displayed at DCU’s 2014 Faculty of Engineering and Computing Final Year Expo

FYP-Expo2014-1This year saw the largest turnout ever of both final year students and employers  to  the Faculty of Engineering and Computing Expo.

The Future is Bright for our 2013 Computing and Engineering Students

Final Year Project Expo 2013The Final Year Computing and Engineering students here in DCU staged another successful Expo this year to showcase their final year projects.   A combined effort of over 100 projects between the three schools was on display.  Over 50 companies and 200 people came to see ideas and inventions ranging from internet-controlled security robots to an autopilot demonstration rig and hospital spillage sensing devices.  A multitude of apps were also on display including MyBalCheck which consolidates users’ banking, utilities and mobile accounts into a single app; a digital guitar tuner; landlord management systems; and an app which allows restaurants to donate good quality waste food to charities. 

Speaking at the event, Professor Barry McMullin, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering & Computing said, “Today’s Expo showcases the depth and breadth of the talents of our students here in DCU Faculty of Engineering & Computing.  With the ICT and Smart Manufacturing industries growing and changing at a rapid pace, especially in this country, we believe that the range of Final Year Projects on display today reflect and respond to this shifting landscape.  Indeed, many of the projects displayed here today represent products with real commercial potential.

Many of those employers who attended were keen to chat to students, arrange interviews, and eager to snap up some of the brightest and best students DCU has to offer from the School of Computing, Electronic Engineering and Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering.  There was a fantastic atmosphere roaming through the labs and lots of comments on the high standard of work and variety of projects on display.  For the third year running, SAP sponsored the event and companies such as IBM, Fidelity and Davy, sponsored top prizes for impressive and most innovative projects.  

This Expo has been running for over 25 years and growing each year.  Its growth and success is a direct result of the hard work and quality of projects coming from the students in the Faculty.  You can view the projects on display  at the following link  http://www.computing.dcu.ie/sites/default/files/documents/fyp/booklet2013.pdf

For more information, contact Christine.stears@dcu.ie


Staff Initials

Initials Staff Member Room
ASM Prof Alan Smeaton L242
ASU Dr Alistair Sutherland L1.04
AW Dr Andy Way L2.45
BS Mr Brian Stone L2.44
CD Mr Charlie Daly L2.29
CG Dr Cathal Gurrin L110
CP Dr Claus Pahl L2.27
DF Dr Donal Fitzpatrick L2.24
DG Dr David Gray L2.54
DOB Dr Darragh O'Brien L2.10
DS Dr David Sinclair L2.53
GH Dr Geoff Hamilton L2.55
GJ Dr Gareth Jones L2.28
GK Mr Gary Keogh L2.48
HD Mr Howard Duncan L2.37
HR Prof. Heather Ruskin L2.35
JH Dr Jane Horgan L2.02
JK Ms Jane Kernan L2.52
JMK Dr John McKenna L2.47
JMO Prof Joe Morris L122
JMU Dr John Murphy L2.33
JVG Prof Josef Van Genabith LG.05
LK Dr Lynn Killen L2.50
LT Dr Liam Tuohey L2.36
MC Dr Martin Crane L2.51
MHE Dr Markus Helfert L2.26
MHU Dr Mark Humphrys L2.25
MRO Dr Mark Roantree L2.34
MS Dr Mike Scott L2.16
MW Ms Monica Ward L1.12
ROC Dr Rory O'Connor L2.30
RV Mr Renaat Verbruggen L2.43
RW Mr Ray Walshe L2.31
SB Dr Stephen Blott L2.46

Staff Research Areas

Staffs' Areas of Interest          
Staff Initials          
Artificial Intelligence ASU MHU RW JMK  
Artificial Life ASU HR      
Business Applications MHE CP      
Computer Vision ASU        
Databases CP SB MRO    
Digital Signal Processing DF MC ASU JMK  
Distributed Systems DS MC      
Educational GK JMK      
Embedded Systems DS RW MS    
Formal Methods DG        
Gaming DF MC DS    
Graphics DS        
Information Quality MHE HD      
Intelligence Pattern Matching ASU JMK      
Internet GJ MHU SB DG  
Mobile Phones BS GJ DG    
Multimedia ASM GJ      
Music Technolgy DF SB      
Natural Language Processing DOB GJ JMK JF  
Network Applications BS DG SB    
Palm Pilot BS        
Programming Languages DG        
Scientific Computing LT HR      
Security BS DG  MS    
Software Engineering/Development DS ROC LT RV MS
Speech Processing DF JMK      
Statistical Applications HR GK JF JMK  
Virtual Reality DF        
Web Applications/E-Commerce JK MHE MW CP  
Wireless Technology BS DG  MS    
XML Applications MRO DG      


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