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Yesterday was my day for meeting Presidents.  First at DCU where the new president  of the university Brian McCraith visited our school of computing, and then a quick dash down to Trinity to meet  Jef Teugels, the President of the International Statistical Institute (ISI).    Jeff is in town to meet the Local Committee of the  ISI World Congress which is to held in Dublin Aug 21st –26th  2011.  The Congress  will be attended by more than 5,000 delegates from all over the world, and the main events will be held  at the new convention centre.

400 Dublin School Students Experience High-tech Life at DCU

ComputeTY WinnersPictured at ComputeTY 2011 were: Conall Mooney, St. Aidan's CBS Whitehall (web design), Aaron Trimble St. Kevins College, Finglas (web design), Paul Shanahan (programming) St. Aidan's CBS Whitehall

More than 400 Transition Year students from over 26 schools across Dublin and the outskirts have sampled university life and experienced the high-tech world of computing this month, when they attended the ComputeTY programme at DCU's School of Computing. The course introduces the students to web design and computer programming.

Mike Scott Head of the School of Computing said 'This programme has run very successfully in the past and this year, thanks to funding from the HEA and CNGL we can continue to run this programme and promote computing education to students from all backgrounds of society. Computing and digital technology is a crucial and productive element to the success of Ireland's future and an important learning tool in our young peoples lives. Our School is constantly trying to encourage students to understand and learn the benefits of computing and more so than ever in 2011, it is important we continue to support and encourage them into the world of computing and digital technology'.

School of Computing's Dr. Helfert receives IVI Research Fellow award

markus IVI fellow Professor Tom Collins, President NUI Maynooth / Dr. Markus Helfert (DCU School of Computing)

In acknowledgement of Dr. Markus Helfert's outstanding past and on-going Research contribution to the Innovation Value Institute he received the award "IVI Research Fellow".

The Innovation Value Institute at NUI Maynooth researches and develops unifying frameworks and road-maps for IT and Business executives to create more value from IT and better deliver IT enabled innovation whilst validating that these frameworks/tools have a broad applicability across differing industries and contexts. Further information about the Innovation Value Institute

ComputeTY 2012

ComputeTY winners

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